Design in my mind is about correlating experiences, function, thoughtful form, intuition and research through processes to create a solution to any problem.

I approach design the way I approach life – striving to understand and analyze what is in front of me before passing judgment or holding an opinion. Nothing has only a final result.  There is always a process, from beginning to middle, collecting information along the way before you can ever reach an end.  Design is about going beyond what the problem at hand is and discovering its roots, functions, limitations, and connections to humans allowing one to have understanding to see what is needed and what is not.  This process can also uncover the unseen problems or potential opportunities for improvement.  Design is for users, not the other way around.  

My process is about reflection, discovery, curiosity, and constantly asking questions to always find a better path or solution.  I want to use design to impact peoples lives and better the world as best I can, to deliver thoughtful, rational solutions to the everyday in an attempt to simplify lives and bring people together.


I look forward to working with you, please let me know how I can help!